Macbeth - Shakespeare's Greatest Work

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Macbeth, 1605 drama play was directed by Will O’Hare and written by William Shakespeare (who inscribed thirty-seven plays and hundred fifty-four sonnets during his time era) starring Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, The Three Witches, Banquo, King Duncan, Macduff and Malcolm. Macbeth is based on actual events that occurred in the 11th century which took place in two countries known as Scotland and England. Macbeth plays a vicious role in this enthralling play to seek power for the satisfaction of his inner desire by killing his own group of people to fulfill the prophecy told by the wicked witches. Macbeth soon finds out that violence leads to more violence and soon he is feared by others that the prophecy has come true and it is now time to give up…show more content…
The director Will O’ Hare did an excellent job, he really kept the play alive, and he trained the actors very well. The acting was very well done; the audience could really feel the characters emotions, as if the audience were put through this situation. The actors also did not struggle with Shakespeare’s text; they all excel in making it sound like everyday talk. The setting was appropriate for the play but the message that they had expected really didn’t touch the audience that much. The lighting was well done because the lightening reflected the tone and theme of the scene. When the witches came on the stage, the lighting turned dimmer to emphasize evil and darkness. When the king and queen met, the lighting was bright to emphasize joy and happiness. . However, the lighting portrayed in other parts of the play was not good as it could have been. It truly didn’t go with the tone or theme of the play; it was just there to show the faces of the characters. Stage props were extremely well done, the smoke in the centre of the stage which involved the witches made the scene horrific, dramatic and sober. This was to make the audience feel dramatic and the scene represents evil. The rock that was on the stage also made the play well performed. The music was awesome, the drums that were used to make the sound and the witches humming really did have an affect in the play and this made the audience have an
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