Machiavelli's Characteristics Of A Prince

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A ruler must be “beast like” and willing to break their word in order to be effective. This represents Machiavelli’s viewpoint that a prince must take qualities from the fox and lion in order to be truly successful. Furthermore a ruler must break his word if it places him or his country at a disadvantage. “So, as a prince is forced to know how to act like a beast, he must learn from the fox and the lion.” According to Machiavelli a fox has no defense against wolves; just like how a lion has none with traps. A ruler must learn to channel both of these characteristics and grasp how to frighten off wolves as well as detect traps. The wolves in the political world are the individuals that collaborate to disrupt a leader and ruin their agenda. For a ruler to be like a lion not only does he need to notice traps but be assertive and aggressive. Those who have power and conviction, are able to effectively communicate and demonstrate assertiveness when they speak and act. There is a contrast between a message that is spoken with passion and energy asserting a viewpoint as opposed to tentativeness demonstrating lack of confidence. Those who are the ladder are exposed will be the eaten up by the wolves. (Edinger, 2012) This does not have to be with just how a ruler speaks but also how aggressive the actions taken are in important situations that call for it. Since a lion, will use physical force in order to maintain its power over its enemies, this is true for a ruler as well

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