Rulers That Followed the Prince by Machiavelli

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Niccolò Machiavelli suggested in The Prince that a ruler should behave as both a fox and a lion, being both loved and feared. There are clever rulers who were strategic, courageous rulers who were effective, and successful rulers who possessed both qualities. Elizabeth I of England and Henery IV of France were two great rulers from Europe that were able to personify Machiavelli 's advice. Elizabeth I of England was able to act as a "fox" by preventing England from being torn apart over matters of religion. By repealing The Catholic Legislation of Mary Tudor 's reign, she was able to make the New Act of Supremacy which dsignated her as the supreme govenor of spritual and temporal affairs. Also she restored the church service of the Book …show more content…

Elizabeth showed much leadership and strength in defeating the Spanish. She heeded Machiavelli 's advice and was able to drive England towards a prosporous Golden Age of wealth and power. Henry IV of France was able to act as a "fox" by evaluating what mattered more to him. When Henry converted to Catholosism out of being a Hugenot during the Saint Bartholomew 's Day Massacre, it was clear that he valued his own life over religion. Even when he coverted back to Calvinism afterwards, he soon relized his valued of being in power over religion would cause him to convert, once again, back into Catholism. “Paris is worth a Mass," he said as he gave into the Roman Catholic Church for the leadership of France. This value of state over religion made him a politique, believing that no religious truth was worth the ravages of cicil war. He kept France from futher civil war by issuing the Edict of Nantes which acknowledged Catholicism as th official religion of France but guaranteed the Hugenots the rights to worship. He was wise to recognize that tolerance can help establish peace in his nation and also to convert to Cathalosism because of their bigger population in France. Along with being able to weigh out which decisions would help maintain a peaceful France, he was also able to roll in more power for himself. Appionting The Duke of Sully as his finance minister was a major step in

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