Mad Max Fury Road Analysis

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Mad Max Fury Road directed and written by George Miller is an Action movie and explores themes such as feminism and an apocalyptic future. The film is set in a desert wasteland in Australia and follows the characters of Max and Furiosa. Max is captured early on in the film by war boys who are the enslaved warrior followers of a tyrannical ruler Immortan Joe who controls the survivors supplies and water. Max escapes when he is attached as a ‘blood bag’ to one of the war boys vehicles and they crash while pursuing Furiosa. The two forge an alliance and they continue on a journey to find a better place.

Max as a character is portrayed as a troubled lone ranger and shows aggressive traits in the beginning of the film describing his world as of fire and blood. In his interior monologue at the very start and throughout the film voices of people from his past taunt him. These voices and visions are suggestive of his guilt towards people he could not save or help in his past. When Max encounters Furiosa and the other women who were Joe’s wives and breeders and held as possessions by Immortan Joe. He is aggressive towards them and is desperate to escape his chains threatening them by pointing a gun and forcing them to try to cut his chain. Max’s character starts to change after he joins agrees to let Furiosa and the women back into the war rig however he is still very cautious of them. This is representative of his lone wolf persona in this apocalyptic world he has lost trust for

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