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On July 29th, 2015, 8-year-old Madyson "Maddy" Middleton was riding her scooter with her intimates at 1030 River St In Santa Cruz, California. During her ride, 15-year-old Adrian Jerry Gonzalez lured Madyson to go to his apartment which was in the same complex as Madyson. In the Apartment, Adrian raped Madyson then killed her and hid the corpse in the recycling bin of the complex. So who should be penalized for the tragic murder of Madyson? Should Adrian be punished? Should Adrian’s parents be punished? I believe That the parents should not be accountable and should not be punished for the violent crimes of their juvenile son or daughter.

Everyone should be responsible for their own actions, right? Since the dawn of time, Civilizations have held everybody culpable for their own actions. Also, Major religions have made it part of their law that everyone is accountable for their own actions. From my experiences of different religions, I found it interesting that Abrahamic religions share some common laws. I found that interesting because they share the same root (Abraham pbuh). For Example, It is a belief shared among all Abrahamic religions that everyone is accountable for their own sins as we can see in Q-ran 51:21 “And those who believed and whose descendants followed them in faith - We will join
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I Also still believe that foster care is not good accommodation for juveniles or the other siblings if parents are sent to jail. Therefore, those beliefs make me stand firm on my belief that parents should not be blamed and should not be penalized for the violent crimes of their juvenile son or daughter. I am beholden to God for the gift of living in a country where the law holds everyone accountable for their own actions and where the law does not hold me culpable for the crimes of others, such a blessing is

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