Can Magic Be Useful For Both Entertainment And Education

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What is magic? Most people think magic is just used in performing tricks, illusions, or stunts, but how many people consider using magic as a way of teaching in the classroom? Although magicians and magic have been around for many years dating back to the seventeenth century, magic has just recently been discovered as a teaching tool for the classroom and has shown to have a positive impact. Can the art of magic be useful for both entertainment and education? Recent research has shown that tricks help with learning. Illusions have the power to apparently influence the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces. So, referring to the question above, magic can be useful for education as well as entertainment purposes. Magic is not only for entertainment purposes, but can also be useful in schooling, improving problem solving, arts of illusions, and rehabilitation education.
The art of magic can be used for the improvement of problem solving by helping recognize the differences between clear and unclear thinking. In the book Working Wonder, the author explained that two experiments were tested (1). In the first experiment, the experiment consisted of fifty participates and they were all exposed to thirty-four tricks, and then they were asked how the tricks were accomplished (1). The second experiment consisted of only twelve tricks, but the participants were given clues on how the tricks were done without giving away the whole trick (1). When given the clues for

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