The Importance Of Video Games In Education

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Education has and always been all about learning through textbooks and in-person lectures from school rather than using technologies to teach. For example, most schools located in the rural areas are still using the traditional way of teaching to deliver the materials to the students. In fact, most of the public high schools in the urban are not even aware of the existence of high-end technologies out there like the virtual reality, 3-Dimensional simulators, or even touchscreen devices. Students are taught and trained to use their basic skills to figure out a solution to a problem. However, if technologies included video games were parts of the teaching process and “teacher will have students create games to teach other students,” then “students are immersed in an environment they are accustomed to,” and “this establishes a potentially new form of performance assessment” (Annetta). Indeed, with this combination between education and video games, teachers are more likely to have their students highly participate in their works rather than have their students trying to finish their assignments because they were forced to do them. For example, students in middle school are more likely to have their attention on video games about the outer space from NASA’s website:, or to have themselves directly experience the 4-dimensional simulation of the pilot system of an aircraft rather than read the materials straight out from books. Another example of how video

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