Main Events in the Career of Albert Speer Essay

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Main Events in the Career of Albert Speer Albert Speer, a very talented architect was Hitler's architect in the preceding years and during the Second World War. He was later promoted to very influential positions in Germany regarding the economy as a whole and was vital to Germanys war production and design, which resulted in a close friendship between him and the Nazi leader Adolph Hitler. Late in 1930, a certified architect of 3 years, Speer first heard Hitler speak at a beer hall, was impressed with the leader and what he had said and early 1931 he enthusiastically joined the NSDAP, later known as the Nazi Party. As an automobile owner, he was hired to drive Hitler around Berlin in 1932. …show more content…

Because of the same burning interest for architecture Speer became one of Hitler's best friends. The men were able to reach this closeness, as Spear didn't have a thirst for power or political intentions like many of the other party members. It was during the design and building of the barrack camps for the men of the autobahn, that Speer and Hitler developed an increasing intimacy as they spent lunches and dinners together in their tightly knit circle of important men. 'A close relationship had become established between us, and I counted on profiting, humanly and artistically, from it." (Speer, pg 89,1995) In 1934 he was rewarded with his first of many important commissions, the design of the huge parade grounds, searchlights, and banners of the spectacular Nuremberg Rally which was such an enormous success it was filmed by Leni Riefenstahl in Triumph of the Will. "I felt myself to be Hitler's architect. Political events did not concern me. My job was merely to provide impressive backdrops for such events." (Speer, 1995 pg 116,)In 1936 Speer designed the German pavilion for the World Fair held in Paris in 1937. In 1937 peer was appointed to the position of Inspector General of Construction for the Reich Capital, a senior public

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