Mainstream Schooling Is Culturally Bound

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In this essay I will address the ways in which mainstream schooling is culturally bound, and why this is a problem for those who have disabilities. Mainstream schools can be determined as a school of traditional education or a ‘normal’ school (Spielgaben, 2015). This categorises mainstream schools within New Zealand as schools of English medium that follow the New Zealand Curriculum and are state schools. These English medium schools work with the National Standards system which set specific expectations for students to have met in the key learning areas of reading, writing and mathematics (Ministry of Education, 2012). This system is just one of the ways in which mainstream schooling is culturally bound. The Oxford Dictionaries (2015) defines culturally bound as ‘restricted in character or outlook by belonging or referring to a particular culture.’ Due to these schools following particular systems it makes it difficult to cater to the different groups that attend these schools. The second way in which mainstream schooling is culturally bound, that I will address, is that most often teachers in these schools do not have the time, resources or skills to teach the diversity of disabilities due to a stronger focus of teaching by the curriculum. This results in more efforts needing to be made to support those with disabilities. I will focus on the common disabilities and special needs in the context of students in mainstream schools, such hearing impairments, physical and
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