Major Depressive Disorder And Cognitive Behavioral Therapy With Mindfulness

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Library Research Paper
Morgan Hembree
University of Southern California
Professor: White
SOWK 645
August 16, 2015


Library Research Paper: Major Depressive Disorder
This paper will provide research on major depressive disorder and the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy with mindfulness. With the approach, the paper will go into detail about how the treatment model addresses major depressive disorder. A case study will be presented throughout to descried aspects of major depressive disorder as relevant to the client. A treatment plan will be formulated and will include the chosen practice model, goals of treatment, methods of engagement, contracting issues, methods of intervention, and termination. Evaluation strategies and follow-up will also be addressed. Finally, issues relating to the role of the social worker in continuum of care, including ethical issues and values, will be presented.
Major Depressive Disorder
According to Barlow (2008), major depressive disorder (MDD) is the most common depressive disorder and affects million of Americans each year. The symptoms experienced by individuals with MDD can be debilitating. The Global Burden of Disease Study, initiated by the World Health Organization, estimated depression to be the fourth leading cause of disability in the world (Barlow, 2008). To further examine this, The National Comorbidity Survey Replication (NCS-R) found that each year roughly 13 million

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