Major Depressive Disorder ( Mdd )

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Introduction This paper examines Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). As MDD is one of the most commonly diagnosed psychiatric disorders in the world, it represents one of the most important topics for research and clinical treatment strategies. The severity and duration of MDD is what distinguishes it from other forms of depressive mood disorders. It represents the most serious manifestation of the depressive mood disorders. The paper will provide a detailed description of the disease, its etiology, treatment strategies and options and social consequences associated with MDD. MDD: Description and Symptom Profile The DSM-IV TR lists nine characteristic symptoms of MDD, they include the following: a persistent depressed mood …show more content…

In distinguishing MDD from other mood disorders it is critical that a clinician bear in mind the diagnostic criteria. MDD patients do not exhibit histories of hypomanic, manic or mixed episodes in the same way bipolar patients do. Also, the persistence of the condition is critical to diagnosis. The patient must experience the constellation of five of nine of the above symptoms every day for two consecutive weeks. The symptoms are also persistent, in that they last for the greater part of the duration of the day over the relevant two week period. If a patient experiences one such Major Depressive Episode, and there is no intervening manic/hypomanic/mixed episode, a diagnosis of MDD is possible (APA, 2013,). Understanding the progression of MDD can be complicated as it often subsides and flows in ways similar to other mood disorders. One metric for determining the severity of MDD in a patient is the level to which the disease has come to interfere in the patient’s daily life. Individuals can be appear more or less functional, but the disease is often considered to be disabling. In its most severe manifestations, patients obsess over death or retreat into reclusive behavior. In its chronic form, MDD can last for several years at a time. The disease is frequently recurrent (Felicano and Arean, 2007,). MDD may also be characterized by other

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