Major Differences between Cultures

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The final major difference between cultures has to do with their economic system. There are three worldviews on how we make money: dependent, independent, and interdependent. In an agricultural economy or dependent worldview, there is a great discrepancy between the peasant class and the elite ruling class. The masses are more reliant on family and village groups, and they believe putting the group first is beneficial for society as a whole. The downfall is that because of the oppression of the ruling class, people lack personal choice to make their own decisions and chase their dreams. Next is an industrial economy or independent worldview. Because a society is more manufacturing-based, success in the workplace is what’s needed. People are more in control of their own lives, put their own goals first, are more competitive, demand equality, take risks, and use a direct communication style. It provides for greater personal power and freedom, but can leave others behind in the desire to succeed. Rounding out the economic systems is a post-industrial economy or interdependent worldview. This is best described as a mix of the previous two economies. On the surface, some values and customs seem similar to a dependent worldview, that is, people work together to achieve greater good for the company and society as a whole. But they are aware of their individuality and independence. They aren’t dependent on the group for survival, but choose to team up and work with others to have
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