Major Paper 2 Reflection

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For this outcome, I chose Major Paper 2 to show that I have achieved developing a complex claim in my research topic. I tried to keep away from my bias in space tourism and used creditable evidence to back up my argument. It was an interesting assignment to pick what I am passionate about and actually knowing more about the issue comprehensively.
3.1 The argument is appropriately complex, based in a claim that emerges from and explores a line of inquiry.
The whole essay should surround a group of individual questions and comprise personal understanding to explore “the underlying concepts and concerns” (Louie, Line of Inquiry Handout). That means the essay consists of multiple areas of knowledge to form a well-rounded argument.
In this assignment, my lines of inquiry are: “is it worth to travel to space?”, “will it be a successful industry in the future?”, and “is it necessary?” (Poon, Canvas Discussion). When I was thinking about these questions, I started with my previous knowledge on space exploration then narrowed the field I wished to know more. I thought of many topics like the astronomical side of
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My argument is not simply a descriptive statement, it is arguable and readers will think of the relation of the topic to themselves. When Cameron asked “who, specifically, does it matter to?”, I wanted to communicate to anyone who cares about the future and not only people who are currently involved in space travel (Louie, MP2 Feedback). While space travel may not be most concerned by the general public, I made it debatable by including the economic factor in the society and effects to the future generation. It is a hot topic currently on social platforms that mean it is an interesting subject to many
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