Major Problems

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| | | | |Annette Muscat | | | | | |Index no. 16 | Indicate 2 serious problems that need to be tackled if school libraries are to be the powerhouses of schools. Introduction This 2 year course has made me more aware of how powerful high performing school libraries and Schools Library Service can be in raising students’ literacy levels and improving their access to knowledge. This link also suggests that if school libraries do not perform to the highest level there will…show more content…
books, periodicals and non-printed material); • an amount for promotional materials (e.g. posters) • an amount for promotional events ( guests visits) Any budget reduction that hinders the provision of opportunities to learn will have a strong negative impact on students' academic learning, their opportunity to pursue personal interests, and even their motivation to read. The Education Department must move away from outdated business and funding models that are hindering the school libraries efficiency and progress. Conclusion All educators must work with other stakeholders to create a comprehensive strategy and policy for information, knowledge-building and technology management to support Learning Without Boundaries. Many school librarians feel that the effectiveness of their service is limited by management factors in the school. There is a sense that many school librarians are denied the status they need to develop the library as a strategic School Library Media Centres. If the authorities do understand the value of the contribution libraries can make, they might challenge it to give more, hence utilise its full capacity. I also believe that the SLS does have a leading role in all this. Since if given its own share of funds it can provide school libraries with books for general consumption. In fact
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