Major Sociology Of Health And Aging

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Journal 1
One of the main reasons I chose to major in sociology of health and aging is because I was always really interested in the definition of health. How is health defined within and between cultures? Is there a universal definition of health and if so who gets to create said definition. As I become more and more involved in this idea of health I found it to be socially constructed depending on the culture on belongs too. There is no one definition for even within a specific culture an individual’s health is changing over time, health is dynamic and at different stages of you life span an individual’s definition and perception of health changes with them. However before we dive into specific avenues on how health is influenced I …show more content…

However given this information there are still a variety of other factors i.e. social factors that can have a massive influence on an individuals health and these things are not the easy to change and manipulate. Social determinates of health is loosely defined as the conditions in which people are born, grow, live etc. individuals tend to have less control over theses factors especially at a younger age. Which got me thinking how does one’s social economic status influence an individual’s health.
Is there a massive gap between individuals of more marginalized group compared to the majority when socio economic status is involved? How about taking a look at individuals who have approximately the same financial income and live in different areas of a specific town, or state so comparing urban areas to suburban areas. Also looking to see if individuals of lesser socioeconomic have in general poorer health if so then why. I personally believe that there will be a huge disparity between individuals who have a higher socioeconomic status compared to those who make a lot less. As you continue to look at the opposite ends of the spectrum I think that gap will only become more and more wide. Personally I am an African American student living in London and I have had to experience the challenge with regards to eating healthy on a student budget and it can at time be more than challenging.
Currently I am overweight and because of the information

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