Making Of A Melodram Style Swap

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Making of a Melodrama: Style Swap

Like a true symbolist drama, the goal of Interior was to put on stage what could not be expressed purely through rational language. In addition, Symbolist theater put focus on the atmosphere as opposed to the plot which is evident in Maeterlinck’s play Interior. Since symbolist theater is interested in the internal landscape of the subconscious, mood and atmosphere were more important than exciting reversals and climaxes The major conflict in the plot of Interior by Maurice Maeterlinck, the Old Man is working up the courage to tell the family that one of the daughters has drown. The plot of the play is fairly simple because Maeterlinck’s intention for the play was to peer into ordinary life and focus on the elements that people tend to overlook in day-to-day life. This is one of the major elements that makes this play purely symbolists and not close to a melodrama. In order to make this play into a melodrama three major elements would need to change: addition of spectacle in the presentation of the play, comedic relief to offset the serious plot, and the addition of background music.

Adding Spectacle

The play Interior is driven by the death of one of the families daughters. One way to add spectacle to this play to swap the style from symbolist to a melodrama, would be to add a prologue that details the daughter’s death. The purpose of spectacle is to animate the desired audience emotional response. By having a brief prologue that shows…
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