Malala Thesis

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Malala Yousafzai was eight years old when she discovered her goals and ambitions. She would go to the school that her father owned everyday with her friends and she would happily learn and study with all the other people that went to school with her. Malala was a girl who had grown up seeing the world much different from how a teenager from California would see the world. She would see that “Many of the girls in the village didn’t go to school.” She didn’t understand why women weren’t going to school and getting an education. The men in her country believed that “She doesn’t need an education to run a house.” Had Malala grown up in somewhere like California then she would not be experiencing these issues first-hand and would probably be speaking…show more content…
I won’t tell anyone. Just leave it in my cupboard. I will use it to make everyone happy.” This is when Malala’s courage begins to show and she begins to try to make a change in the life of others around her and her life as…show more content…
Kids in elementary schools are being discriminated against by their peers because of the color of their skin. There are plenty of videos on how to stop cyber-bullying but there are little to no videos about how to stop racism. I believe that racism is something that is taught in a household but can be unlearned if you try hard enough. When I walk down the street I can hear some kids whispering about how they dislike someone because they are not the same race.

Kids mimic what they see and so I believe if we try to change the way that people in the kids households react to certain races then maybe we can fix this problem. I believe that if Malala can speak out against the discrimination of genders so bravely, then I can speak out against the discrimination of racism just the same. My goal is to have there be a decline in racism in my community first. The problem that I’m facing is how to get my message out about racism, and I hope that I can solve this by bringing a lot of attention to the cause and to be able to get people to see the errors of their
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