Malala's Death Threats

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Malala has displayed enormous amounts of potency as she fought against the Taliban to give women rights. During her journey to fight against the Taliban, she has faced many dangers. These dangers prover her to be fearless. One danger she has faced are the death threats. While she was fighting for women’s rights, she faced death threats issued by the Taliban. One day, October 9, 2012, Malala was riding home on the school bus with her classmates from her school in Swat Valley. One gunman entered from the front of the bus while another entered from the back. The gunman who entered in the front began to ask the driver questions, while the other gunman wanted to know which girl was Malala. When her scared classmates identified Malala, the gunman began to shoot at her. She, along with two …show more content…

Malala had received injuries to her head and to her neck. In great amount of pain, Malala was immediately rushed to a local hospital. Yousafzai needed to be operated on to remove a bullet in her neck. The operation left Malala near death. Another operation at another Pakistani hospital several days later was done to allow her brain swell. Even so, doctors continued to remain optimistic about her. According to a New York Times blog post by Robert Mackey and Adam B. Ellick, Dr. Mumtaz Khan stated “The bullet has affected some part of the brain, but there is a 70 percent chance that she will survive”. This shows that Malala would sacrifice herself in order to give women rights. Another danger Malala has faced was her speaking out against the Taliban. She constantly defied the Taliban during her journey to give women rights. She blogged anonymously for the British Broadcasting Corporation about life was like under Taliban rule. This eventually led to deaths threats. As shown above, she has been proven to be fearless on her daring adventure to give women the rights that they

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