Malari A Disease That Affects Humans And Animals

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Vivian Williams


Malaria, also known as Yellow Fever, is a disease that affects humans and animals. The history of malaria has caused high levels of fatalities. Despite progress in identification of causes and treatment, malaria continues to kill over half a million people per year, mostly in children under five years old. This illness is caused by the Plasmodium parasite. There are many different types of Plasmodium parasites, but only five known types that cause malaria in humans (World Health Organization, January 2014). There is no vaccine for malaria and no foolproof way to survive it. Instead, a patient with malaria is given medicinal drugs that depend on a variety of factors such …show more content…

If a mosquito bites an infected person, the mosquito becomes infected too and will surely infect another human in the next 24 hours (Armando Hasudungan, June 8 2013).
During the research period for this paper a lot was learned, especially concerning the transmission of malaria and everything that is used to prevent and cure the horrible disease. The most important things that were learned were what exactly malaria does to the human body (the whole process), how exactly malaria is transmitted, why it is so hard to be stopped, and what organizations are trying to solve malaria and what they are doing to help the worldwide problem.
“Malaria has serious economic impacts in Africa (and other countries), slowing economic growth and development and perpetuating the vicious cycle of poverty. Malaria is truly a disease of poverty — afflicting primarily the poor who tend to live in malaria-prone rural areas in poorly-constructed dwellings that offer few, if any, barriers against mosquitoes (UNICEF, December 24 2013).” This quote shows how malaria affects countries economically and contributes to a depressing cycle that does not help to develop or improve developing countries. Worldwide, countries that very rarely experience malaria cases are contributing a lot of time and money to other places in order to help lower the death rate of malaria and develop a cure and/or vaccine for the deadly disease. In most malaria-ridden places, the government is

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