Malari A Growing Problem Around The World

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Anopheles mosquitoes and People

Dillon Ray
Insects and People
Professor Sime

Anopheles mosquitoes and People

Malaria is a growing problem around the world. This disease has taken the life of thousands of people. Malaria is a mosquito-borne disease caused by a protozoan parasite. The protozoan parasite belongs to the family Plasmodium. Anopheles mosquitoes act as a vector for the disease. This means the mosquito will harbor the disease then transfer that disease to a host, such as a human (Krajana et al., 2014). This protozoan Plasmodium protozoan requires two different hosts. It requires a vertebrate intermediate host such as a human and an insect host, also known as a vector which in this case is the …show more content…

Other research projects have estimated the number of cases between 350 and 550 million and 1.24 million deaths in 2012. The highest cases of malaria have been found in tropical and sub-tropical areas (Isiguzo et al., 2014). These areas include Africa, India, Southeast Asia, Hati, and the Middle East (Kiszewski et al., 2014). These areas all have low/poor living conditions and lower or no health standards compared to the Unites States. Studies have shown areas with poor living conditions have increased amounts of mosquitoes due to their inability to destroy breading habitats or spray their land with mosquito pesticides. This increases the chances of someone coming into contact with an infected Anopheles mosquito carrying the Plasmodium protozoan parasite. Studies have found that Plasmodium originated from Africa and is now found on every continent besides Antarctica, which is too cold to support mosquito populations. This parasite was able to spread from Africa due to advances in locomotion such as ships and aircraft.
History of Malaria
Malaria has been traced back to the Palaeogene period; this protozoan parasite is over 30 million years old. The first Anopheles mosquito were found preserved in amber. The mosquitoes that were found preserved in amber were tested for traces of Plasmodium

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