Malathion: Varying Health Problems

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Malathion can be the cause of varying health problems, some more severe than others.
Studies show that both humans and animals react relatively the same way to exposure to the pesticide. Acute health problems include "excessive perspiration, constriction of the pupils,
1 lacrimation (production of tears), salivation, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, headache, confusion, insomnia” (Gervais, J. A. Luukinen, B. Buhl, K. Stone, D. 2009). The more severe health problems include “chest tightness, difficulty breathing, increased rate or depth of respiration, convulsions, coma, seizures and partial respiratory paralysis.” (Gervais, J.
A. Luukinen, B. Buhl, K. Stone, D. 2009). These symptoms are usually seen at very high doses over extended periods of time.
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2 In both cases, more than 90% of the dose was excreted in urine within 24 hours. The
3 remaining malathion was found in feces, blood, intestines, liver, and kidneys.“ (Gervais, J. A.
Luukinen, B. Buhl, K. Stone, D. 2009). Exposure to Malathion can also occur from contact with soil, water, air, plants, and food but loses it’s concentration fairly quickly especially in cases where ”Researchers noted that malathion sprayed on strawberry flowers decreased to 2.70% of
2 the initial concentration within two days of application, 0.93% after three days, and 0.50% within seven days.” (Gervais, J. A. Luukinen, B. Buhl, K. Stone, D. 2009). The amount of Malathion that stays in the body after a 24 hour period may vary depending on the amount that is absorbed and how it’s absorbed but in most cases it is a relatively small amount.
Generally animals are at more of a risk of exposure than people. Children have a higher
4 chance of being exposed to Malathion than adults because they spend more time outdoors than adults do. Exposure at different doses can affect the body in different ways. At 85.0 mg/m3
5 human patients reported nasal and eye irritation after 5-10 minutes of exposure. Under

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