Malcolm X : The Rabbit-Hunting Strategy And Competitive Stereotypes

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Malcolm X in the quote was referring to the rabbit-hunting strategy where he had outshined some old men in hunting rabbits by taking their strategy and improving it (Goodreads, 2017). The old men through years of experience had realized that a rabbit if jumped by a dog would later return to the same spot; though I am not quite sure of this ideology, Malcolm X was. He probably had a hard time wondering why he could not catch a rabbit while the old men succeeded in doing so until they told him their strategy. However, instead of Malcolm X using the same strategy to hunt, he figured there would be too much competition to shoot one rabbit at one spot. Therefore, he devised another strategy where he could get to the rabbit before it got to the spot, and was quite successful, as he would hunt more rabbits than the old men though they were oblivious of his strategy and just thought he was a good shot. This is what led to his quote, and I totally agree with him.
Borrowing from the numerous businesses that use the strategy of improving on already established strategies to create a competitive edge, I have also applied it in my business. When I opened a retail store to sell men and women clothes, I thought it would be easy as I figured people have to buy clothes and I had identified such businesses to make huge profits. I had done my market research well and I was up and running in a few months. However, due to insufficient capital, I had to open the store in a secluded location

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