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Strategy Simulation Results For the simulation my company name was H Company. Below you will find the results to the 8-year simulation. H Company has been highlighted in the majority of screen-shots. Competitive Strategy Thompson, Peteraf, Gamble, and Strickland (2012) found that competitive strategy depend on whether a company’s target market is narrow or broad, and whether a company is seeking competitive advantage through low-cost or product differentiation. These two factors reveal five generic competitive strategies. The five strategies are Overall Low-Cost Provider Strategy, Focused Low-Cost Strategy, Broad Differentiation Strategy, Focused Differentiation Strategy, and Best Cost…show more content…
I increased bids for celebrity sponsorships in an attempt to win the bid over D Company. Additionally, I increased production of private label brand in order to try to take market share away from D Company. H Company finished the simulation in the second to last position. I believe that is a strong indicator that my competitive intelligence level was low for this simulation. H Company’s Earnings Per Share report increases for year 12 and 13 followed by decreases for years 14-18. My ability to predict the competition was below par. In fact, because I spent more money on the private label brand, I may have ended up putting myself in a worse position. My ability to predict my competitions next move was not good. Every year D Company was able to achieve more market share, while H Company gained less, and less. Dominate Competitive Advantage Edmundson (2013) explains that companies that consistently expand in a profitable manner have learned to take their strength and transform them into a competitive advantage. Edmundson (2013) list nine principals that will help companies turn their strengths into competitive advantages. The nine principals are to be quantifiable, stay objective and creditable, be true and accurate, not stated by you’re competition, contrast, use concrete facts and tangible data, emotional, focused and simple, and tell stories to make your audience relate. Edmundson (2013) continues that typically companies that have

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