Malcom X By Malcolm X

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People often become angry at themselves when they are unable to do something; this leads to frustration and then a choice they have to make: giving up or stubbornly continuing it. Malcolm X was also in a situation like that during his time in prison. He never finished his education in reading or writing and tried to learn how to read and write which it was hard for him, but he still continue to learn to those skills. In Malcolm X’s “Learning to Read”, despite being a prisoner, he decides to learn how to read and write making use of his time in prison in order to learn more about the world than continuing to be ignorant. “Learning to Read” by Malcolm X is a narrative that focuses on him trying to learn how to read in prison and how gaining that ability open up new doors for him. While Malcolm X was in prison, he realized how frustrating it was being unable to read and write what he wanted to read or write which his constant frustration eventually triggers his ambition to try learning those skills. Learning to read in prison helped Malcolm X more than if he went to college because he can concentrate better in the isolation of prison than the many social distractions of college. With only books as his resource, Malcolm X went through a tedious journey of steadily practicing how to read, write, and understand every word he saw, eventually, he accomplished his ambition. Malcolm X focused more on reading and became obsessed with it; he reads almost every day and as much as
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