Male Stereotypes

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Women are supposed to see men as a provider for a family and loved ones. Protectors for their families and loved ones. Not to forget being a gentleman “saving a damsel in distress.” Men are written in many mythologies, old fables and movies as being the strong one physically and if not mentally. So many women seek for a man with all of those qualities. When someone says “be a man” it’s supposed to means he’s lacking in one of those categories and he needs to own it and take responsibility because he appears weak.
Just because a man may be weak at a period doesn’t make him a woman. The term weak can’t even stand for women; yes we women may be sensitive and emotionally but we are not even close to be categorized by weak. Our emotions make us stronger but that is something men must work on. Most keep their feelings inside because if he opens up to much then society calls him homosexual. That is a downfall for most of our men today reason why so many get caught up into so many crimes. According to (C N Trueman) on history learning site, “since 2002 80% …show more content…

Even Maria Shriver tells of her feelings towards those common male stereotyped phrases, “[Our boys are in crisis, and it’s time to do something about it. “Man up.” “Don’t be a sissy.” “Don’t cry.” “Talk like a man.” “Act like a man.” “Be a man.” Millions of boys hear these words, these phrases, these commands, almost every day of their lives. They absorb the words and then spend a lifetime dealing with their effects. For our young boys, the path from boyhood to manhood is strewn with harmful words and stereotypes.]” (Time magazine.) If we were to get rid of these type of phrases maybe we can save our generation of boys to men but until then our male generation shall stay in severe crisis to conquer what is known as

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