Man On The Market : How Much Would You Sell Yourself For?

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Karina Castro
Eng. 110 Sec.16
05 Nov. 2015
Man on the Market How much would you sell yourself for? Most people do not ask themselves this question, but according to the organization Allies Against Slavery, the 30,000 women, men, and children trafficked and enslaved do not have a choice (Modern Slavery). Within the community of traffickers, Serbia is seen as a popular destination for girls and women trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation (Estera n.pag.). Over the past few years we have seen an increase of human traffic and violence in Serbia. By bringing awareness to Serbia’s critical problems it can affect the nation vastly, in hopes of a positive outcome. There are many ways people around the world are helping out with these issues, in the United States there are people asking for help by petitioning human trafficking in public areas, having a human trafficking hotline, and also by donating and starting fundraisers; however human traffic remains a growing issue. Human trafficking– a form of slavery– is a rapidly growing issue in Serbia that needs to be addressed and stopped by bringing awareness towards detecting a trafficker, and the organizations available for the victims of these crimes.
Human trafficking is a serious issue occurring internationally. Allies Against Slavery states that there are more slaves in today’s world then there ever were during “the entire transatlantic slave trade, combined” (Modern Slavery). Many people wonder why the women

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