Man 's Search For Meaning : Primary Relationships

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Shiwani K.C. Mr. Gough Honors English 10B 18th March 2016 Man’s search for meaning: primary relationships - Final Draft From prehistoric cave dwellers to 21st-century urban dwellers, humankind has focused on finding the meaning of life/significance of their existence. Through the four primary relationships between humankind and society, God, cosmos/nature, and self; many philosophers have tried to explain the meaning of life which has led to the production of many philosophical and scientific works. These impenetrable questions such as “What is the meaning of human 's life?” and “What is humankind’s purpose in life?” can only be understood by accepting the truth that the Earth was not just made for man, it is supposed to be shared with…show more content…
Paul wrote this letter around 53-57 A.D. and all his definitions were based on ancient teaching; however, Christianity isn’t the same anymore. Back then, people didn’t know how to read so they believed on everything the saints and the priest said; however, people in the 21st century can’t be fooled by the church. The historical event that led to this philosophical work of Paul was the fellow citizen of the Corinth town who were either the believers of Christ or were concerned with the supernatural matters were confused or they had misinterpreted Paul’s preachings about Christianity. There was no scientific or math understanding involved in this work. Moreover, Paul also believes that Jesus Christ is the sole foundation of Christianity. In the article, he states, “For no one can lay a foundation other than the one that is there namely, Jesus Christ,” he believes if all the Christians trust in God, they will be spiritually oriented and their purpose in life will be more successful. In our AP World history class, Paul is described as a Jew who played the most influential role in the spread of Christianity and made Christianity a universal religion. Many of the humans relate most with this relationship since most of the people around the world follow a religion, it may not be Christianity but the concept is similar in all religions. The relationship between humankind and self is a unique kind of relationship since the only
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