Management Functions

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20 April 2013
Rebecca Fuller

How Your Managers Can Contribute to Organisational Performance
The ‘Four Management’ Functions

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1.0 Introduction Pg. 2
2.0 Management Functions Pg. 3
3.0 Example 1 – RedBalloon Pg. 4
4.0 Example 2 – Best Buys Pg. 5
5.0 Conclusion Pg. 6
6.0 Bibliography Pg. 7

* 1.0 Introduction

This report attempts to evaluate the ways in which managers can contribute to organisational performance. It uses the works of Henri Fayol and the ‘four management functions’ and considers how two companies; RedBalloon and Best Buys may use these in their organisation.
The Oxford Dictionary (2013) defines a 'Manager ' as a person responsible …show more content…

Such changes to a long standing large-scale company shows that the four management functions all would have been utilised. However we will look at the remaining two that have not been yet covered in the previous example; Planning and Leading.
Best Buys changing their daily function from flexible ROWE to full in office work days highlights the use of defining organisational goals and strategies, coordinating daily activities and setting benchmarks for employees which will help the organisation monitor and evaluate efficiency.
Best Buy management will need to continue to keep team members efficiently meeting their performance benchmarks just as they did when it was a ROWE. Now that the team members will be in the office in a more structured set of hours it seems that the management personnel will have a greater opportunity to be leaders in their day to day role.
Management may find that they will utilise their conflict resolution skills more now all the employees with be working in office for longer periods. Also the communication channels that may have been effective in the past with the old working conditions may not suit the new one.

* 5.0 Conclusion

There are many

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