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Design and Principle and Application Assignment: Planning Design and Production Task 1 Identify and describe the planning process for this type of building project Atlas Design Consultancy has been approached to design an office building for an accountancy firm. The building to be designed is a five storey office block with a basement. A design brief has been formulated between the client and also Henry Brown, Senior Partner of Atlas Design Consultancy. A preliminary drawing has since been drawn up, so now research is to be carried out in preparation for the design and planning for the proposed project. This is known as the inception stage where the clients brief is drawn up and looked at. The main areas included in the clients…show more content…
There will be design meetings organised where decisions will be made on the following issues: 1. Design aspects 2. Materials 3. Finishes 4. Services 5. Contributions by specialist firms 6. Various other matters to do with the project. At this stage the application for planning approval could be sought or could be left until the detailed design stage. The detailed design stage is when the client has given approval; therefore pre-contract work can then proceed on the scheme design and drawings. More detailed drawings and specifications incorporating the specialist contributions will be prepared and more meetings will take place between the design team and the client to highlight any issues which may include: 1. More design details 2. Co-ordination of the work of all the consultants 3. Co-ordination of structural design and building services 4. Finalisation of details of: a. Standard equipment b. materials c. Finishes to be incorporated into the building 5. Application for consents required at this stage 6. Agreement of tendering arrangements 7. Checking that design is kept within budget. Once all this is
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