My New Design of the Paper Clip

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DESIGNING A BETTER PAPER CLIP The Paper Clip which I twisted into is a circle shaped. I want to provide you explanation about this design which I made I feel that the Circle shape is much more Easier to hold the papers. The size of the paper clip is bigger and round which is easy to pin it.This design is much more simple than the paper clips which were introduced before. This is simple and also easy to assemble. Most of the people need new designs everyday and opt for the best. And people tend to look for the flexibility. And people look for the best priorities. We must always check the interaction with the people and their needs. And accordingly the design which I made takes more space on the paper to hold them. The paper …show more content…

And must have a smooth interaction. A good design is about following providing best practice recommendations and provide following standards and produce accurate fitting of all the papers. This helps us gather, requirements. It is created not to dictate it was created to help and simplify the user and the material and this is user design. It must fit the needs and also give away the benefits of the Paper Clips. Testing is very important , I feel that I am responsible in building a product for the Users as we are not making a product for ourselves. If we build a product that is beautiful and the company likes it no matter it’s big or small but the User’s don’t like it then it’s waste of time. Before we design a Paper Clip we must first keep User’s in minds their Age,their Usage do they have any disabilities and what kind of devices they are using etc etc we must plan a design and put forward. Gather as much as information you want before designing. Keep in mind User Interface design needs the Users.The design must be specific. And should be capable of designing different phases. When I designed this I never try to design something of my own, I do not copy nor get the designs out of some book, it’s really hard, to try the designs just by getting an idea and implementing it doesn’t just happen but lot of research was made. It was little bit challenging but it’s good place to go. I was running into issues related to this particular program.

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