Management in Regions Bank

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Regions 3 Regions Bank In the large corporation of Regions Bank, there are many specific details involved in creating and maintaining the perfect organizational structure. It takes efforts from the managers and leaders to implement a design to promote stock holder profits, growth, and stability. In this organization there is a cycle that is used that involves four functions of management. Regions Bank also utilizes two strategies to create and maintain a healthy organization. Regions Bank is a company that provides consumer and commercial banking with nearly 140 billion in assets. Regions Bank started out in 1971 with a small merge between three banks. Several mergers throughout the years and Regions Bank was in the…show more content…
A healthy organizational culture can be done with two different strategies. The first strategy being an action plan for developing a company that gives back to the employees. A good company understands the importance of building a positive morale and disposition among the staff. Regions Bank has developed a "team works" incentive plan that rewards good sales behaviors for the branches. This has given the employees an opportunity to not only make a base salary, but reap rewards for attainable quarterly sales goals as well. When an employee takes control of their production it gives a sense of ownership to the staff member to take pride in their company and help them develop on a larger basis. Regions Bank has also implemented a human resources department that puts the employees as priority for their company. There are many outlets available to the employees whether they need insurance, counseling, or coaching for their career development. Regions has created a University for staff members to enroll themselves in individual or group training sessions to help them learn more about products and legal regulations they need to know to perform their job tasks. Regions 7 The second strategy Regions has taken is giving back to the community. This company has prided itself in donating monies and volunteering time
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