Manager's Work, Roles and Skills

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Abstract This essay examines the question of whether managerial work, roles, and skills are same throughout the world. Academic journals and textbooks are used in this essay to provide some evidences and examples to support the conclusion. The academic journals and textbooks were obtained from Monash University’s library. Conclusion of this essay indicates that organizational level and cultural diversity have significant influence on degree and emphases of the managerial work, roles, and skills performed by managers throughout the world. Introduction In all societies, people are involved in managing things. Everyone manages, but not everyone is a manager. “A manager is someone who works with and through other people by coordinating…show more content…
However, the differences observed in managerial activities preferences were generally small. This is not surprising due to Anglo cultural heritage adopted by both countries. In this case, it could be said that cultural heritage does have influence in managerial activity preferences. Another survey on this issue examined India, China, U.S., and Philippines in term of their managerial values. Neelankavil, Mathur, and Zhang (2000), through their survey, found out that the United States and China is the most dissimilar pair. Both countries are different in all factors except for planning and decision making. It is assumed the differences are caused by widely acknowledged culture differences between both countries. Once again, this is another evidence supports that culture is one of the things causing the differences between managerial works throughout the world. Managerial Roles Henry Mintzberg (1973) who had observed five chief executive workers came up with three main roles (interpersonal, informational, and decisional) the manager plays. The three roles were then divided into ten subdivisions, which are figurehead, leader, liaison, monitor, disseminator, spokesperson, entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator, and negotiator These
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