Managing Change Within The Organization

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Managing change in organization is quite challenging especially to the workers since they have to start working on areas they not familiar with. Faced with inadequate knowledge and experience in these unfamiliar areas, most of the workers will tend to assume that change is unachievable even in a short period of time. This makes it a very uncomfortable area to venture for most of the workers in the different organisations. With change being one of the most import and critical areas that any organization striving to attain success has to consider, a lot needs to be invested in order to keep it thriving despite the ever increasing levels of competition that exist.
This report explores the challenges workers face when it comes to change in
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Being coupled with the fear of unknown on the part of workers it usually results to loss of control in the organization and the unavoidable inability to attain the organization set goals and objectives. (Sadler 1996)
Change management defined by Weiss (2001) as cited in Hughes 2006 P: 11) involves the transfer of information, status, influence, authority and power as described by some researchers. Over the years, Lewin (1952) has suggested one of the various management strategies for ensuring effective change in an organization. The management strategies are usually classified into a three staged process which is: Moving, Unfreezing and Refreezing (Senior & Swailes 2010). In the Moving stage, the opinions of the organization are heavily emphasized and implemented while on the unfreezing stage change appears to be integral and encompasses the opinions of different people in the organization involved in its daily operations. Lastly, the refreezing state is all about ensuring stability by issuing training systems and support groups to enhance the new and desired behaviors among the employees. (Burns 2004 cited in Hayes 2007)
Innovation among the employees of keen in an organization as it enables them to perform at their maximum potential. This is achieved by involving the employees on the daily running of the organization will giving them total freedom of creating, implementing and following up on their very own ideas. This will
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