Managing Recruitment

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UNDERSTAND HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING IN AN ORGANISATION “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”…..Winston Churchill
The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development” have defined human resource planning as…
“a core process of human resource management that is shaped by the organisational strategy and ensures the right number of people with the right skills, in the right place at the right time to deliver short and long term organisational objectives ….without a workforce plan it is impossible to understand how viable it is to execute your chosen business strategy” (Reflections on Workforce Planning – 2010)
It may be argued that HR planning is the base upon which all other HR activities sit as it involves
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The Equality Act of 2010 sets out the detailed requirements that we as an employer must follow and is set out in our standard Code of Practice for recruitment.
It is against the law to discriminate against someone on the grounds of: * Disability * Race/colour * Ethnic or national origin * Sex or sexuality * Marital status * Gender reassignment * Age * Religion or belief
Discrimination can occur both indirectly or directly.
Other legislation includes: * Asylum and Immigration Act 1996 * Equal Pay Act * Rehabilitation of Offenders Act * Human Rights Act 1998 in respect of the right to respect for family and private life and freedom of thought, conscience and religion * Data Protection * Working Time Directive * Employment Rights Act 1996

The Employment Rights Act has a significant impact on our recruitment and selection processes as it gives employees certain rights under law as follows: 1. Employment Rights –statutory, contractual, express and implied terms in contracts. 2. Written Particulars – there is an obligation on the employer to provide employees with certain key terms such as salary and holiday. 3. Termination of Employment – the different methods by which employment may be terminated. This is a very important section as it covers the statutory minimum notice period which, if breached, can result in an action for wrongful dismissal. 4.
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