Mandalay Beach Post Development : Mandalay

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Mandalay Beach post development 5. Tables DPSIR Protocol Drivers: -Tourism will provide more income -Increased economy growth -Will be popular due to its remote location and enjoyable activities -Increases happiness of Australian citizens -Increases the population and size of the local community Pressures: -Ensure the preservation of the local flora and fauna -Follow the Australian governments rules and regulations including the ICUN legislation -Preserve the heritage and history created at Mandalay -Minimised pollution -Not to damage any undiscovered Aboriginal artefacts State: - In the current state the flora and fauna is barely affected by human activity due to its location -The ocean is rough and dangerous for swimming. -There are possible locations of undiscovered Aboriginal artefacts -The wreckage of the Mandalay is still visible Impact: -Increased in human activity in the previously unoccupied area, which may disturb wildlife and affect local ecosystem -Potential for pollution -Potential for economic growth -Increase revenue -Increase tourism -Create jobs -There will be a need for sewerage containment and facilities, due to a lack of previous sewerage facilities. -Will need irrigation systems to allow for fresh water access -There will be a need for electricity; new power lines -In order to construct the project it will be costly Response: -The construction of the theme park may provoke an angry responses from environmentalists. -May provide a high

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