Mandatory Service In High Schools

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Mandatory service, whether military or civic-minded organizations, would build social resentment, undermine the quality of the services provides, and put people in harm's way; moreover, requiring service is a hypocritical and will decrease the desire to volunteer in earlier or late years. Do you like having your own thoughts, feelings, and choices? Everyone does but the forcing students of participating in the civilian service program for one year deprives high schoolers of that choice that they have. This is something that may affect others in the near future creating some form of resentment towards the American culture. Volunteering should be a choice that people are willing to do, not what they should do. Forcing high school children to participate in a civilian service program after high school…show more content…
Civilians are not going to want to volunteer in a dangerous area that may cost them an arm, leg, or maybe their life. It puts fear in their heart that they may never be the same person they were before they joined the program. There are many different forms of mental illnesses that civilian's get after joining a civil service program that may hinder their ability to funtion correctly for the rest of their life. All in all, civil programs put people in harm's way which may affect them later on in life.
On the contrary, one may argue that civilian services may help high school students mature and become stronger. In addition to that statement, high school students have the opportunity to mature and become stronger regardless of what they participate in. Civilian service programs should not determining the ability that high schoolers will have after high school. Civilian service programs may scare some people off making them weak due to the conditions they were put in and the experiences they endured. Then only thing that may determine the strength of one person is themselves and what they have
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