Mandatory Vaccination Should Be Mandatory Vaccinations

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Assa 1
Christina Assa
ENC1101, 1954644
Professor Hofman
30 April 2015
Mandatory Vaccinations There is much debate to whether or not children should or shouldn’t be vaccinated. Every day there are many children and even adults who have died from diseases that could have been prevented before they came up. Immunizing our children is important so that they will stay healthy and so will other children around them. Children are at the most risk for developing diseases when they are growing up. They will play amongst other children and can potentially bring home germs and a common cold. Nowadays, many diseases are being eliminated since parents and their children are being vaccinated. If parents decided against vaccinating their children, there could be some serious consequences. Diseases can be spread and there can even be fatalities if the diseases were left untreated. Vaccinations are extremely important because lives would be risked every single day by many parents deciding against vaccinations for their children. They should also be mandatory for every child, even if they do not attend schools. Parents protect their children from many things; diseases should be one of them.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a vaccine is a product that stimulates someone’s immune system to build up immunity to a specific disease, which then protects that person from that disease (Vaccines and Immunizations). A vaccine is beneficial to making sure children and even

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