Mandatory Vaccination Should Be Mandatory Vaccinations

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Mandatory vaccinations should be required for all citizens in the U.S. Having mandatory vaccinations will allow for well protected future generations that are susceptible to less health issues. With everyone being vaccinated there will be less occurrences of these diseases and sicknesses allowing future generations a more healthy life with fewer visits to the doctor’s office and hospital. Another reason to have mandatory vaccinations is that these vaccines are safe and approved by trusted medical organizations that give citizens advice on most other health issues. Because the vaccines are safe and trusted by professionals, there should be little resistance to having them be mandatory. Adverse reactions to vaccinations is a rare occurrence meaning there is minimal risk in implementing mandatory vaccinations. Also when children are given vaccines at a young age they will not have to pay to have them treated down the road. So with the possibility of healthier future generations, vaccines that are approved by medical professionals, minimal risk, and saving people money there is little reason to be against mandatory vaccination. With mandatory vaccinations, the lifestyle of citizens will be improved by having less doctor visits and healthier bodies.
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Page Break The decision of whether or not to make childhood vaccinations mandatory can rile up deep emotions in both parents and people arguing their rights. The side that makes
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