Manifest Destiny And Western Expansion

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Manifest Destiny

In the 19th century the settlers in America believed they had a mandate from God to expand west, this is called the Manifest Destiny. This expansion would involve not merely territorial aggrandizement, but the progress of liberty and individual economic opportunity as well. The Manifest Destiny shaped America throughout the years. Three main things that revolve around the Manifest Destiny are the moon race with Russia, western expansion, and how we found more resources and advancements in technology. Western expansion was the main topic in the Manifest Destiny, but the Manifest Destiny was not the only thing involved with western expansion. One of the other main factors in Western expansion was the louisiana purchase. In 1803, President Thomas Jefferson purchased the territory of Louisiana from the French government for $15 million. The land that the bought stretched from the Mississippi river to the Rocky mountains, and from Canada to New Orleans, it was also double the size of the United States. James K. Polk was the 11th presidents of the United states of America. His name is perhaps most closely associated with Manifest Destiny, because a year before he became the president, the Manifest destiny started the embody the governing philosophy of the Polk administration and its ardently expansionist aims. Polk’s campaigning methods is the leading cause to his victory of becoming the president of America. He campaigned on an expansionist platform,

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