Many Connections Can Be Made Between The Jewish People

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Many connections can be made between the Jewish people and Americans. These connections date back to before common era (BCE), extending to present day. Both histories are able to be paralleled and influence their cultures differently. These influences contributed to a significant influence on the perception of God amongst their populations. We begin our comparison with the lineage of Abraham and their exodus from Egypt to the promised land of Canaan. This occurred between 1250 and 1020 BCE. The population as a whole left their slavery in Egypt in exchange for freedom. Similarly, America has been the home of the religious, social, economic, and emotionally oppressed since its beginning. The 1600’s welcomed colonists from England, Holland, …show more content…

The Assyrians demolished much of the Jewish people’s culture and identity with their rule. Much like the American Civil War, both cultures were divided into the North and South. In America, the North occupied the Union and the South contained the Confederacy. Syria was joined by Babylon in both invading Jerusalem at one point in time. Babylon invaded Judah in 605, only less than 30 years from when they destroyed the Temple. Likewise, America suffered an attack by the Japanese in 1941. They attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawai’i, launching bombs from aircraft. The Japanese attacked to prevent United States interference on Japanese military operations in several countries. This attack had the opposite effect. The very next day, the United States entered World War II. From 323-142 Greek influence increased in the Jewish nations. Their currency, practices, traditions, and common ways of life became normal. However, once Greek religion was pushed, the Jews rioted and won the fight 25 years later. In the United States, many revolts have changed the course of what defines normal. From 1858-1920 the Women’s Suffrage Movement swept the United States to equalize rights between the genders. Eventually, the women won and gained the rights to vote, hold political offices, and expand their working opportunities. In the 1960’s the Civil Rights Movement began in order to equalize the rights between African Americans and Caucasians. This included equal use of the same

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