Many Death Row Inmates Endure A Plethora Of Years Within

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Many Death row inmates endure a plethora of years within a prison, the majority of the time in solitary confinement with no social interaction, very little exposure to the environment, and in a room with bare walls or the necessities: a bed, sink, and toilet along with other hygienic needs such as a toothbrush, toilet paper, etc. Prisoners sit awaiting their execution day for years. Through my research there has been an abundance of evidence examining the situation of whether or not this is ethical/moral. These questions have been addressed, but my research looks at it from a variety of perspectives including the prisoner and family of the victims. Is waiting for one’s execution morally right? What if one is found innocent after 30 years …show more content…

don’t usually occur due to the fact that the extent of the evidence is very clear. The person either committed the crime or did not. Usually with these cases there is not a great deal of uncertainty. On the other hand with capital cases, exoneration count is carefully examined and the trials are conducted in much larger terms. Some of the obvious reasons are due to that fact that the trial involves someone’s life, but also due to the fact that evidence has to be pristine in order to do this. Because of this, many death row inmates are incarcerated for years on end in order for the justice system to confirm that it is indeed the true perpetrator. Throughout the inmate’s prison sentence during the variety of appeals, many inmates develop mental conditions, some even go insane. The most eminent example of this is the case of Leroy Nash. Nash was convicted for multiple counts of murder and armed robbery and was sentenced to death. After 80 years of awaiting his execution, Nash died in prison due to natural causes (Rapaport, N.D.). Nash was said to have many mental health issues that were enhanced while he was incarcerated. He was placed in solitary confinement for the majority of his sentence for twenty three hours a day with one hour of sunlight. This is an issue that arises with death row: due to the appeals and triple checking of all of the evidence, many inmates are incarcerated for an extended period of time. Is the death penalty the

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