Mao Zedong Essay

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China has played an important role in the east, however, its influence and power has ebbed and flowed over its long history. China suffered from faction and fragmentation in the 1800s. This was worsened by the semi-subjectation to foreign influences. China struggled against these foreign powers and asserting its control in the east. However, they had to solve their internal strife before they could do anything with the foreign powers’ influence. The two emerging parties of the time were the Nationalist and the Communist. The Nationalists had developed a strong support system within China. However, this slowly changed when the Communist party, under the control of Mao Zedong, helped establish the party and its control over China. He helped guide and influence its direction and future until his death.
Mao Zedong played an important role in the history of China and its development in the 20th century. “Once such a relationship is established, leaders must reaffirm their special qualities, often accomplished through the reenactment of miracles and through reinforcement of values that are expressive of the charismatic mission.” (MD 354) Communism helped influence Mao and his control over China and the direction this nation would be going. The Communist movement was started under Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Their ideas on government and how society should work was influenced and changed by Vladimir Lenin and later Joseph Stalin. They both were involved with the Soviet Union

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