Essay on The Ideology of Mao Zedong

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t A. Mao ZeDong is one of the greatest leaders in the history of New China. The influence of Mao’s theory is profound and lasting. He is a great thinker, poet, and a highly intelligent military strategist. Under his leadership and the actions he performed during The Long March, Chinese Civil War then defeating the Kuomintang Party to built the New China are the main epic episodes. Mao ZeDong's extravagant actions made two of the many changes to China. They are the shift from a capitalist system to a socialist system and the achievement of China's independence against Japanese imperialism (Somo, 2013a). The influence of Mao’s theory has been widespread to the world up until this day. Especially, in the countries of the third world have…show more content…
60,000 soldiers were sacrificed and fifty percent of their territory had been occupied by Chiang's forces. For this reason, the Chinese Communist Party must flee from this massacre and preserve their remaining military strength. As a result, their retreat became the world renowned Long March, which began on October 14, 1934. At first, the Chinese Communist Party adopted the advice from a Russian agent rather than Mao’s suggestions . Due to their poor planing the Communist Party suffered another heavy casualties. Under this condition, the Chinese Communist Party appointed Mao ZeDong to leadership after they had a conference in January 1935. Since then, Mao apply different tactics in this terrible hardship of The Long March. He guided the Red Army to maneuver stealthy. “As the Red army moved away from Xiang, it used twisting movement patterns that made predicting its direction very difficult. Mao also split up the Red Army into smaller units. In theory this made theme more open to attack, in practice, they were more difficult to find in the open spaces on China”(Trueman, n.d.). Mao decided ShanXi, Northern China will be their destination. Under Mao’s leadership, the Red Army overcome the surmount numerous difficulties, at the cost of more than 70,000 men. During the entire battle the Red Army did not have those advanced military equipment like the Kuomintang Party. It took 368 days for Mao ZeDong and his Red Army to marched about 9,000 kilometers by foot in order to
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