Mao Zedong Of The Chinese Communist Party

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The world has changed a lot since the formation of the Chinese Communist Party in 1949. From a nation, which was barely living during the beginning of Mao Zedong’s reign to a country that boasts the second largest economy in the world. The People’s Republic of China, as learned from class, experienced hardships that most newly established country. Solidifying the legitimacy of the newly established Communist Party, securing the leadership position, and pulling people from the grave and encouraging them to become productive citizens that will help the country to grow.
Mao Zedong was successful in accomplishing the most difficult part in forming China, help defeating the Japanese and end the 100 years of humiliation and unifying China under …show more content…

He had a hands-on experience of what China was before (during the Cultural Revolution) and how it has evolved from that point. We are living in an epoch where there’s no single hegemonic power. Where each state pull its weight and international organizations exist to support and ensure that it stays that way. China is one example of a country that was left and considered insignificant (economically) a few decades ago and now leads the world. A nation that tremendously denounced globalization is the country that mostly benefits from it. The US however, is moving towards the opposite. Instead of embracing globalization trade agreements that promote it, one example is the TPP. Under the current Trump administration, the US officially closed its doors from further participation with the said agreement. This of course, benefits China. While whatever China does right now can be taken as aggression and bullying of smaller nations, we can all agree that China’s action is far from surprising, but in actuality, is an expected consequence of a rising nation. The fact is that we are not used to probable change in status quo, China’s rise in power may bring. We’ve been living in the current boundaries established since WWII and the possibility of that changing frightens anyone, especially the one who may be directly affected. Security dilemma occurs whenever a new power

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