Map Analysis on Education Center in McNabs Island Essays

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The main function of these maps is identifying the area that is suitable for building an education center on McNabs Island. I divided my analysis maps into three parts which are slope and geology, environment and cultural sites, and microclimate. For the slope and geology map, I combined the slope, bedrock and surficial geology together because I think all of them can majorly determine and describe the topography. Bedrock and surficial geology are the materials that are under the ground. They might form different topography by the geological action including weathering and eroding processes. Also, the slopes can decide whether the land is a plain or a hill. Furthermore, I think slope and geology can risk of the environmental hazards like …show more content…

I think it can be the next consideration to think about the land development because human comfort is important for people to live. For my final synthesis map, I just combined all of the information from the analysis map except the bedrock geology to show where the best place on McNabs to build the education center is. The reason that I do not add the bedrock geology because I think the education center would not be a skyscraper, and it might only have four or five floors’ height. So, the foundation might not touch or influence the bedrock. In addition, I add viewing location to my synthesis map. The reason is that I think the education center is the place to educate and to visit the island. So, a good viewing location is necessary. From the synthesis map, you can see there are some suitable to unsuitable places for the land development. Overall, there is approximately 70 percent of the land suitable for development with caution. For example, people should consider what kind of slope it is like the steeper slope always has a high risk of mudslides, and what kind of surficial material it is like tills are more stable than coastal sediments. Moreover, there is over 20 percent are suitable for development. Most of them occur around the coast. The reason is the coast has unstable materials that is risky to do the construction. Also, the coastal area are risky

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