Marc Ching

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Please son't take our apology as some sort of signal we will back off. We still believe buying dogs are putting people in danger and creating a cottage industry in China where Criminals will expect ransom payments for dogs. I never questioned Marc Ching's heart or his courage... his mind and his publicity driven ideology is what we question and will question in the future. I am writing this because if I claim to be factually correct, and if I believe that then that has to work both ways and when I am wrong I will be the first to admit it because it's not about you, it's about me and being honest with myself. I said many times I will never allow myself to be sucked down that rabbit hole, I paid far too high a price to get to where I am and I have more in common with those dogs than most people. So for those who say I never went to China to save dogs and why are you …show more content…

In my eyes a person like Marc Ching can do wonders in this world if only he stops worrying about press releases and sees more than a his name on Hollywood Blvd. I have little fear of dying, my life sucked and the only thing I do have left is dying for something far greater than I. So I would not hesitate to protect Marc Ching or his family because in my eyes he would have a greater impact on this world than I could ever dream. With that said I will start all over again on Wednesday doing what I have always done, exposing whom ever needs to be exposed. Again, I apologize to Marc Ching, his wife Linda and I have pulled the story and I will pull any ad down as soon as

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