Marching Band As A Sport

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Irene was a high school student involved in the marching band. Before high school, students bullied Irene due to her weight of two hundred pounds. Irene played the clarinet, but she was not sure if she wanted to join the marching band. The dark memories of people berating her physical appearance scared her into thinking that her fellow band-mates would do the same. Irene desperately wanted to get into shape so she joined a sport, but knew she was not fit enough for any of the typical ball sports. She eventually realized that the only sport remaining was marching band.
However, people argue that marching band is not a sport. What is a sport? According to Wood the definition of a sport involves physical activity and skill where an individual/team competes against another individual/team and has a set of rules or customs. Marching band is a sport because it involves a lot of physical activity, rules and competition. The argument against categorizing marching band as a sport is the typical conditioning a ‘normal’ sports team would are slightly different.
Irene thought wrong about her ‘teammates’ bullying her, instead they rallied around her and made her feel welcome. With marching she was able to get into shape. In the process, she had made 120 or more friends that she could count on. Marching band is a welcoming sport and open to everyone and anyone who is willing to work. When someone is in marching band they are part of something big. The people in that band do not only

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