Marco Polo's Journey To A Brave New World

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Marco polo explorer and traveler most the Asia regions, inspire many people by his travels and his books. Polo was a Venetian traveler and explorer, born in the year 1954. His journey and books about Asia and China lead many explorers to discover the Far East.

Polo came from a wealthy Venetian merchant family. He was Raised by his uncle after his parents died. Polo uncle had jewel merchants and good relationship with Mongol emperor Kublai Khan. Polo uncle decided to take him to Asia to explore the far east and to meet Mongol leader. After a long travel from Europe to China passing middle east, Afghanistan, climbing mountains and crossing the Gobi Desert, it took him four years to finally reach China and meeting Kublai Khan.

Kublai Khan accepted Marco Polo to live in his empire, and he made Polo and his uncle closer to his crew by giving them position in the leader’s court. Marco's immersion into the Chinese culture resulted in him mastering four languages.
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Khan took time to agree his request, but it was conditional. Khan asked him to escort Mongol princess to Persia. Polo agreed to escort her to Persia. Even though, Polo’s trip had difficulties like storms and disease, he made it by delivering the Mongol Princess safe. It took him several months to reach Venice. It was difficult to the people to identify them. After, several years Polo was captured in war between Venice and Genoa and sentenced to a Genoese prison. In the prison, he met a fellow prisoner and writer named Rustichello. He told him about his travel and helped him to write a book called The Description of the World, later known as The Travels of Marco Polo.

After several years, Marco was released from the prison and back to Venice. He got married and had 3 beautiful girls. Marco died at his home in Venice on January 8, 1324. Marco Polo inspired many explorers and discoverers, in the top of the list Christopher
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