Marcus Garvey : The Black Star Line

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Marcus Garvey is arguably one of the early pioneers in Pan Africanism, black consciousness, and political radicalism. Garvey is regarded for his speaking on race tensions, economic inequality and the plight of Native Africans in America. Not widely and prominently known like the images of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Huey Newton, Elijah Mohammad, but should be regarded for paving the way for those individuals. In this paper we will discuss three notable moments that developed Marcus Garvey into the leader and activist he is proven to be; the formation and importance of The Universal Negro Improvement Association, The Negro World, and lastly The Black Star Line.
Marcus Josiah Garvey, was born in St. Ann’s, Jamaica on August 17, 1887. Garvey was the youngest out of eleven children of Marcus and Sarah Garvey. In his youth Garvey learned the grave strife and differences between races. His boyhood days were filled with varied experiences. At one point he had been subjected to being shunned by his fellow white friends at the time and learned his first lesson about racial divide. Garvey inherited a keen interest in books from his father, a mason and made full use of the extensive family library; allowing him at a young age to learn language and develop a love for learning. His in-home education was by far more excellent than his elementary education and through private tutors and Sunday School. Garvey developed his leadership skills; and at an early age, it seemed they had been

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