Margaret Chan's International Public Health Employees Provide Global Services

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International Public Health employees are an integral part of the health system throughout the globe. These workers play a large role in helping systems become more culturally appropriate and relevant to the idea of the health problems that not only states in the US face, but all over the world. Public health workers main goal is to identify the particular health care needs of individuals in a community or target area. There are many important people within the field of public health, however, very few members are publicly well-known. Not many women in the health field are publicly I decided to profile an important person within the field known internationally, Margaret Chan. Chan has been the current general director of the World Health …show more content…

After the widespread H5N1, Chan tried to reassure Hong Kong residents with infamous statements exclaiming, "I ate chicken last night" or "I eat chicken every day, don't panic, everyone".

When many more H5N1 cases appeared, she was criticized for misleading the public. In the end, she was credited for helping bring the epidemic under control by the slaughter of 1.5 million chickens in the region in the face of stiff political opposition. In April 1992, she was promoted to Deputy Director, soon after in June 1994, when Chan was named the first female in Hong Kong to head the Department of Health. After twenty-five years of service and receiving numerous qualifications within the field of health, she left the Hong Kong Government in August 2003 and moved on to her current position, heading the World Health Organization.

Appointed to the post in November 2006, her first term ran through to June 2012. In her appointment speech, Chan exclaimed that the "improvements in the health of the people of Africa and the health of women" to be the key performance indicator of WHO and that she wanted to focus the organization’s attention on "the people in greatest need." On January 18th 2012, Chan was nominated by the WHO's executive board for a second term and was confirmed by the World Health Assembly on May 23, 2012. In her acceptance speech, Chan expressed how universal coverage is a ‘powerful

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